In this article, you will discover seven straight-forward tips to help you begin your journey on how to learn manifesting for beginners!

So, what is it exactly?

Manifesting is something that is put into your physical reality by your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This means that whatever you focus on is what you are bringing into your reality.

When you “manifest”, you are then bringing your thoughts to reality using the “Law of Attraction.”

The law of attraction sums up that everyone attracts what he’s putting out there through his own energy and vibration.

Let us begin the process of manifesting.

1. Get Specific and Be Honest with Yourself.

Firstly, if you haven’t actually picked a manifestation goal for yourself, then you haven’t actually started manifesting!

– Ask yourself:
✓“What is my why?”
✓”What are my intentions for success”?
✓”What do I seek in my life to achieve ‘fulfillment’?”
✓”Do I want more financial abundance? To attract a partner?”

The Universe is trying to give you what you want! But if you don’t know what that is, then what’s going to happen? 

You truly have to desire it and believe you want it. You have to really want and connect with the intention to have it and believe that you will receive it in the future.

So, don’t worry about failing or changing your mind down the road, just commit to what you want right now and take it from there.

2. Clear Your Mind of Limiting Beliefs.

Whether they’re fears relating to finances, commitment or your past and future,
✓ Release your disbeliefs and in the presence of believing in yourself, you allow abundance to come into your life
– Positive self-affirmations to repeat:
✓”I have the power to change my reality.”
✓”When I have a positive mindset, everything comes easily to me.”
✓”Attracting abundance comes effortlessly to me.”

Just keep coming back to this important question: how can you start to be more of who you really want to be? Start practicing being that person more and more every day and then you’ll be in alignment before you know it!

3. Use Visualizations

You attract what you are sending out. To attract more of what you want, you have to raise your vibration.

Vibrations are like little radio signals you are continuously sending out to the universe. You must tune your signal to a vibration worthy of receiving it (read: stay positive and thankful).

All you have to do is to feel joy.

By spending 10-15 minutes a day (at least) doing something that makes you feel good, anything from watching a YouTube video or meditating, you’re ensuring your vibration stays high.

Now that you’ve clearly defined your goals and desires, you must focus on them by imaging the things you want.
Find a quiet spot you will be able to sit and visualize yourself in your dream life or with your manifestation in fruition
– Use your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to visualize:
✓How do you feel?
✓What do you see?
✓How excited are you?
✓Who did you tell after it happened?

5. Work Towards Your WHY Everyday

Manifesting simply isn’t a guarantee that things will be easy (or fast for that matter!). 

While using the Law of Attraction isn’t about effort-ing in the “normal” sort of way, it does still involve effort. 

The Law only works as well as you do. 

So of course that means: half-assed effort equals half-assed results.

Again, the Universe is just trying to give you what you want. But, it’s paying attention to much more than just your words. 

You can’t expect something to magically appear without taking some sort of physical action towards your dream/goal
The universe multiplies what you DO, not what you say

6. Clear Your Resistance

If you haven’t yet manifested what you want, it’s likely you are resisting what the universe has to offer. Doubts, pain, procrastination, frustrations, anxiety, fears, regrets and resentments are all forms of resistance.

And they are totally normal.

When you notice conflict coming up, acknowledge it and remind yourself to breath and relax. For instance, it might sound something like, “I’m frustrated again. I’m resisting again. I get it. All I have to do now is breath, relax, and let it come. “

Staying positive is the easiest way to be certain good things are coming.

7. Be ready to receive.

Allow what you’re asking for to come into your life simply by:
✓Keeping a positive mindset.
✓Having the patience to be really relaxed, letting the Universe work for you, bringing you exactly what you want and desire.

The Universe speaks the language of our subconscious mind: through symbols, synchronicities and light-bulb moments of clarity and inspiration. 

So, keep your eyes open. Notice your sudden bursts of inspiration of creativity or desire to take action.

As long as you stay committed to the journey, you’ll keep finding the clues that’ll take you on your manifesting journey.

Manifesting is simply about aligning your thoughts and beliefs with your desire, so that your desire then has no choice but to actually appear in reality.

In conclusion, don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from manifesting your dream life!

The change starts within you, always.

That’s a beautiful thing because it means you don’t have to wait on anyone else to get things started! But you do have to start showing up for yourself, each and every day.

Be your biggest believer and never stop working towards your dreams!

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments on how practicing the art of manifestation has helped implement change your life as well!

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